Good Website Navigation

Being innovative with your website is a great thing, but there are certain aspects of the website design that should be held to general web standards. Website navigation is one of those things.

Navigation Best Practices

It is a good idea to keep the navigation the same on every page of the website. People will get familiar with your navigation and travel around your site easily.

Note: The only exception to the “same navigation” rule is the checkout page. You probably do not want all the links for your online store across the top of the checkout pages when people are filling out shipping and payment information. Clicking on links could take people out of the checkout process and lose previously-entered information. Be sure to have Help and FAQ available, though.

Visitors should be able to get to any page on your website with a maximum of three clicks. This is also good for web crawlers, the programs that comb websites for relevant information. If a page is four links deep, Google assumes the information must not be important, and will not search those pages for keywords. You will have a lower search engine ranking if all your information is not cataloged as high as it could be.

If you have a lot of navigation links, consider grouping them in obvious categories and nesting them underneath each other in drop-down menus.

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