Finding a Good Web Designer

Most of the challenges we face in a small business often have more to do with people than technologies. Working with a designer you can trust makes the difference between a great website experience and a really bad one.

Find a designer you can trust.

  1. Talk to other small business owners and trusted friends to see how they found their designer. Do they have recommendations?
  2. Do your homework. Ask a designer for references, or contact the companies in the designer’s portfolio and ask some variations on the following questions.
    • Did the web designer respond quickly to questions and requests?
    • Did the web designer listen to your needs?
    • Did the web designer explain the decisions he or she made?
    • Did the web designer take the time to make sure you understand each aspect of the process?
    • Do you feel the total cost of the website was a good value for what you received?
    • If you are being charged an hourly rate, do you feel you are being charged fairly?
  3. Search for your designer’s name or company name online to see what organizations he or she belongs to, and what projects he or she has completed in the past. If the designer does not have a resume on their website, you can often find him or her on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that designers no longer need to work in your city. Oftentimes you can find a great designer who is able to offer a good price because he or she works from home, sometimes across the country. If you prefer to chat face to face, consider investing in a small camera that hooks up to your computer. With a $30/year Skype account, you can have video chats where you look someone in the eye 1,000 miles away.

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